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Willing and able to stand alone, outside of the conventional modern-day societal thinking to provide solutions for average citizens to remain safe and secure, regardless of the adversity.

-Alaskan Outlaw

My fellow Americans throughout the globe welcome to the Chaotic Navigation. Using unconventional thinking to assist you in sifting through today’s information overload to make informed decisions about your security, health, and safety. I am the Beacon in the storm and your host into our journeys to uncover the necessary research for that mission. Having served in the US Marine Corps, I studied the science of counter-intelligence for some time during the “Cold War” with (formerly) the Soviet Union back in the 80s. This skillset transferred over to a civilian career as a security systems management consultant and security services specialists, where I have focused on assisting organizations to develop protocols and practices to assist with their public interactions to become consistent and manageable, keeping the organization, their people, and their public-at-large safe and healthy. I have focused on the psychology of what makes people do the things they do. With graduate-level degrees in education, ministry, psychology, and computer telecommunications, this has all led me to ask the same question I did when I was two years old. Why? Why do people do the things they do, and what drives the human mind? So, let's roll up our sleeves and apply some outlaw thinking to the topics within our podcasts and see what solutions we can come up with.

In addition, the mission is to educate about healthy choices, while encouraging and motivating people to play ice hockey, regardless of age. With years of experience attempting to manage our weight, I have taken to writing about my experiences. With a vast experience base in laymen's nutrition and exercise, I offer a non-professional approach to getting into and staying healthy as a lifestyle. I have fallen "off the wagon" more times than I can count, yet, I've been able to refocus myself back into a healthy path forward. I am not a medical professional and encourage anyone reading the information I present to check with their medical professional team to ensure that they are healthy enough to engage in physical activity, and nutritional modifications. I guarantee nothing, only noting the steps and challenges that I experienced through the many times I have engaged in a physical lifestyle change.


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Our podcast is broadcast every week, producing a message of survival, hope, safety & security. We take great pride in ensuring that our neighbors, our friends, and our family is ready for natural and man-made disasters.


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Living the dream by staying safe, secure, and mentally healthy is the goal for each of us in these unprecedented times of change. Keeping our cools, letting the process perform what it was implemented to do, yet staying engaged to ensure that we are part of the solution, and not the problem should be the goal of every American. We are the Chaotic Navigation production team. For more information about advertising with us, please visit our advertisement pages for sponsorships and other great ideas to stretch your advertising budgets.

We are excited about moving the content over from its previous home on Alaska Outlaw and look forward to publishing our message under our new banner.


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