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Show Scripts

  • Changing one’s Defensive Posture January 19, 2022
    This week I sit down and talk to author Jenna Ashlyn about her transformation to a gun owner from a DV victim. We discuss the mindset changes that were necessary for her to cross to change both her defensive position by having a gun, but the mental changes that cleared her mind should the escalation ever be necessary. A great conversation with a really great person, I wish her all the best with her new book.
  • The Basics of Food Prep January 12, 2022
    In this episode, I interview a wonderful guest named Blake about her simplistic ideas about getting started at almost zero cost with her preparedness exercises. With some wonderful ideas about keeping it simple, and keeping it cheap, yet being prepared for whatever happens.
  • Safety is the foundation to preparedness January 5, 2022
    In this episode I’d like to talk about some basic safety measures to use around the home every day. Recently a neighbor experienced a tragedy of epic proportions up the road from me here in South central Alaska when their home caught fire and endured extensive interior damage. While the neighbors and I chipped in to help them recover, the damage was extensive, and there were several priceless belongings including two cats that were consumed by the blaze. After some investigation, the source was determined to be an overloaded surge protector thereby causing a mini-fridge to ignite. It immediately brought to my wife and my attention about the number of surge protectors around our home that needed to be examined, and/or removed but this was ultimately just the surface as to some basic preventative steps we needed to ensure were current. To this end, I figured it might be time for our annual reminder as to the basic ideas of safety for our homes and businesses
  • New Year’s resolutions to be better prepared. December 29, 2021
    In this episode I want to talk about putting rubber on the road, and making plans to getting better prepared for the new year. At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, there are tons of factors around us creating a general sense of doom and gloom. Many people repeatedly ask us about how this whole thing gets started, how do you begin to construct our preparedness resources store without breaking your bank. While some would have us believe that this part is where we need an expensive consultant to tell us what and when we need.
  • Are you ready to crash? Road trip safety. December 22, 2021
    In this episode I’d like to throw out some ideas about road travel safety and security. I’d like to look at some possible events that could interrupt that travel. I’d also like to talk about what we should think about having in our vehicle in case the impossible happens. While there are constant reminders published, most places throughout the country are already in the grips of their winter. This season is typically created a higher frequency of vehicular accidents resulting in the needs for survival skills. We talk a lot about being prepared for larger scale disasters, but at the end of the day, we need to be prepared for any emergent situation that arises in our circle.
  • The Human equation. Determining how our community will act during a disaster. December 15, 2021
    In this episode I want to revisit the mental necessities for us to adopt to ensure successful outcomes. Over the last two years we’ve talked about the mental focus necessary, whether conquering a pandemic, or social unrest, our “head needs to be in the game” to ensure success. Now, we’ve talked about the different mental challenges that will face us during a crisis, and we have certainly covered the creation of, and the implementation of our written plans, but I’d like to revisit the idea that, not everyone is going to be part of our success. We need to ensure our plans take into consideration a possibility that those who should be assisting, become hindrances. After all we’re all only human. Whether these be family members who “show their real colors” during an emergency event, or if the are first responders who decide to capitalize of the situation, we need to be ready for everything to get sideways.
  • Biological warfare in the 21st Century. December 8, 2021
    In this episode we look at the requirements for, the management of, and the recovery from biological warfare in the 21st century. We’ll talk about delivery methods, we’ll include how biological agents get into the body, and most importantly I want to talk about some common sense methods of keeping ourselves safe. With all the misinformation flying sideways around the internet, I thought we might take a moment to discuss the realities about biological warfare in the 21st century. What it might look like, and how effective it would be in this modern day world. Honestly, we have been witnessing over the last year and a half, how effective a biological agent would be here in the United States. For today’s discussion, I’m not going to cover any nuclear components.
  • The Disaster Management Matrix December 1, 2021
    In this week’s episode I’d like to put a little managerial perspective on keeping things running smoothly during, and following a natural or man-made disaster. We’ve discussed about including each member of the family (or teammates) in the planning of the response to a disaster. We have even discussed the idea of ensuring that we have a written plan to execute during a catastrophic event, as well as proper storage locations, and exit strategies. From a logistical and managerial perspective, I’d like to make sure we have all the “oars rowing in the right direction”, just to make sure we have considered all the trains of thought. As I’ve mentioned before, and I’m sure to say again, what I am telling you is not about generating fear, it’s about being prepared. Thinking of all the things that can, and will, go wrong, and being ready for it.
  • ALICE at home. What do you need to know? November 24, 2021
    In this episode I want to explore some ideas about keeping our children, and ourselves safe, and consider what is accomplished for the first seventeen years of our children’s lives. To do this we need to evaluate the training our children receive every year. We need to talk about the required training they receive while attending school outside the home. But just as importantly, we need to consider the reasoning for why we don’t perform the same level of training at home.
  • Guns are no longer the last line of defense, have they become the first? November 17, 2021
    In this episode I’d like us to consider the position of firearms in modern day society. Throughout the lifespan of loading up and carrying a loaded firearm in public, the sentiment has always been, use it as a last resort. Throughout the last decade we have witnessed the use of loaded firearms move closer and closer to the first line of defense. This was memorialized when the couple stood on their lawns during the BLM protest march past their home in {find where}. Welcome to todays show. Today I want to talk about the paradigm shift in society’s changing to a more aggressive stance.
  • Managing the younger members of the family through a disaster event. November 10, 2021
    In this episode we discuss ensuring that our plans include all members of our family group, which should include both: remote and local assets. We need to be sure we include language in our plans that is appropriate for the personnel involved, remembering that others will experience the same adrenaline overload that you will, we focus on keeping instruction simplistic. By ensuring that our plans break necessary steps down far enough so that even the least educated can be successful.
  • The multiple points of focus of a natural disaster. November 3, 2021
    In this episode we discuss the many different facets of our necessary planning to ensure that we have a bonafide plan for the many potential outcomes. We will also discuss the timeline for necessary mechanisms for optimal survival regardless of the event. While I want to consider major natural disasters, we should have developed plans for many of todays possibilities. I’d like to think about the many different impacts to our lives that one event will have and what are some possible outcomes. We’ll look at three major natural disaster events, and work on our plans how to tackle the many different moving pieces.
  • Understanding the layers of weapon system engagement October 27, 2021
    In this episode we discuss the different layers, or distances, to engage targets, both in the defensive and offensive posture. Defining the differences between offensive and defensive, as well as other tools that can be deployed to give us the best chance of success.
  • It’s all about Placement. Keeping stores safe. October 20, 2021
    In this episode we’ll look at intelligently determining the best location, both: inside, and outside your primary residence for storing those supplies necessary to survive natural disasters. In this episode we’ll also cover the appropriate containers to store your supplies in. We’ve covered some ideas as to what to put in it, now let’s talk about what to put it in, and where to put it. When considering the placement or our stores, we need to consider the the largest potential threat, thereby giving our stores the best chance of being intact and usable.
  • Outlaw Thoughts: What about the fifth horseman? Misinformation. October 6, 2021
    In this episode the Alaska Outlaw cuts loose with an opinion piece about the rise of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, misinformation. With the global influence of the misinformation highway, or social media, we find ourselves inundated with tidbits of data aimed at misdirecting the reader/listener. When broaching the subject of misinformation, the top two sources: news radio, and mainstream news. Although we’ve covered it before, just a reminder, those two sources are biding for followers, or “paying customers” who are willing to listen to their information. I would be willing at this point to submit that there is 100 times more fake news than there is real news.
  • Let’s talk about bugging out. September 29, 2021
    In this episode I’d like to talk about the theory behind “bugging out”. We’ll look at what it is, and what do we need to ensure we have when doing so. Most importantly we’ll debate when is the most appropriate time to make the decision as to when to “bug out”, or when to “shelter in place”. Just as importantly is the concept of “bugging in”, which lays the groundwork for one of the major decisions you’ll have make following a natural disaster. Quite frequently we hear people go on and on about “bugging out” before considering what is entailed in completing that. Possible road closures, or weather events continuing which then creates obstacles to the whole idea behind bugging out. Based on this line of thinking, one of the first major hurdles we need to cover is the decision to bug out, or stay home.
  • Defining the Unnecessary Risks to avoid. September 22, 2021
    In this episode we’ll discuss what I mean when I speak about avoiding unnecessary risks, many people say “I’m tough enough” or “I can handle it”, where as they are not considering the possible of secondary ramifications to these choices. While some consider this show the definition of weakness, most don’t consider the longer team impact.
  • Tech talk. Including technology in our prep. September 15, 2021
    In this episode we’ll discuss some of the advances made in technology that can be incredibly benefit. Primarily I want to discuss the alternative fuel options that have brought to us by these advances in technology. As my day job works exclusively with the deployment, management, and enhancement of technology within an organization here in Anchorage, I’ve come to recognize the real value of technology with being, and staying prepared.
  • Defensive posturing with weaponry. September 8, 2021
    In this episode we’ll discuss some techniques and proper planning for including weapons in your preparedness plans. Understanding some basic laws and societal perspectives when going “all in” for loading up your self and the family. However we need to think about the weaponry we choose for our self defense, it needs to fit the billet of what we’re asking it to do. Living in a studio apartment with multiple ARs might be a little much. So in today’s discussion, let’s consider the penetration of the round, and the potential for injury beyond the intended target. Making sensible choices with our sensible weapon choices.
  • Back to our core, securing the resources for Survival. September 1, 2021
    In this episode I’d like to go back and talk about the beginning, and the bare-boned basics of being prepared. We going to take a common-sense approach what are the essentials we need for our resource preps. We’ve covered the mental fortitude necessary, now let’s talk about the bare bones necessities for surviving natural disasters. We also talked about the plan, so now we need the actual items. We’ll start with what FEMA recommends, then I’ll add my two cents here and there as to my experience.